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Pool Fencing for Safety

You might think it’s a good idea to have a fence installed around your pool because it will lower your liability rating with your homeowner’s insurance. This is true, but putting a fence around your pool is also mandated by Florida state law.

3D Fencing gives you options in terms of the types of fencing available to you when you add fencing around your pool. We offer high-quality installation at a fair price for Treasure Coast, FL area properties, all while ensuring that your new fence is compliant with Florida laws and regulations.

Aluminum pool fencing

What Does the Law Say?

The State of Florida enacted the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act in 2009, which provides guidance on mandatory safety measures that all homeowners with a pool on their property must follow. The law states the following:

  • Every pool must have a fence around it at least 4 feet high.
  • There should be no gaps in the fence or easy ways for a child to get in unsupervised (an unsecured gate, for example).
  • If a child manages to get over or through the fence, it should be far enough from the edge of the pool that the child doesn’t immediately fall in.

In addition, the fence should be a relatively climb-proof fence. If your pool fence is easily climbed, your insurance company may assess additional risk, and you may not be compliant with the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act.

Pool Fencing Options

The most popular lightweight fencing option to install around your pool is a simple aluminum fence. This can easily be manufactured in excess of 4 feet high. This option keeps the installation and repair costs down because it’s a durable fence that requires nearly no maintenance.

Another low-maintenance option that’s easily compliant with pool fencing laws is a vinyl pool fence. While it won’t give you much versatility from a style standpoint, a vinyl fence is relatively timeless, needs little to no maintenance, and won’t cost you as much as some of the alternatives.

When you install a pool, remember that it’s mandatory to also have a fence. Give 3D Fencing a call, and we’ll discuss your options for pool fencing for your property in the Treasure Coast, FL, area. We’ll walk you through what’s the most secure, what’s the most stylish, and how to stay compliant with Florida law.

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